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How Foreign Investors Can Start an Event Management Business in Dubai

How Foreign Investors Can Start an Event Management Business in Dubai

How Foreign Investors Can Start an Event Management Business in Dubai

As a world leader in tourism and recreation, many consider the UAE a prime location to host and promote events. With the help of social media, many record-breaking activities have taken place in Dubai, bringing improvements to the country`s event management industry. Suppose you are a first class organizer and coordinator. In that case, Dubai is the best spot for you to put and accomplish your objectives in this industry.

Beginning a business in Dubai has demonstrated fulfillment, particularly concerning profit from speculation, current offices and innovation, and admittance to various business sectors and stages. Yet, based on solid groundwork, it centers around the prosperity of the whole association, including financial backers, representatives, and their families. Given the global crisis, here is a list of advantages why starting a business setup in Dubai is still the best option in these uncertain times:

Get Support and Assistance from the Government

Businesses in Dubai receive tremendous support from the government. In addition to the existing system that facilitates and prioritizes health, fitness, and lifestyle benefits for all residents of the UAE, the UAE Government has generously increased the cost of business packages available to support start-ups and SMEs by up to 98% Economy has also created a page on the site its website entitled "Stimulating the Business Environment to Cope with the Impact of the COVID-19 Virus" to inform investors about appropriate actions, steps, and facts to help them cope with mitigating the impact of COVID-19 in their business.

Targeted Economic Support Scheme for Investors

Amid the pandemic, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates launched the Targeted Economic Support Scheme (TESS) to reduce the impact of the pandemic and provide temporary relief from capital gains, interest, and loans.

Event Management Company

An event management organization gives occasion arranging, improvement, and execution administrations to its clients, be it individual occasions, for example, weddings and birthday celebrations, or corporate occasions, for example, brand enactments, shows, item dispatches, etc. They assist clients with picking the right setting, subject, or even visitor coordination for a smoother cycle and momentous occasion.

The Advantages of Setting Up an Event Management Business in Dubai

Dubai is known as a significant destination for mass events. Since 2013, the sector has continued to grow at 25% per year, attracting and encouraging more tourists and investors to visit the emirate and make it their destination of choice.

Necessary Points to Keep in Mind for Event Company Formation in Dubai

Below are some of the essential points that you need to consider for starting a new event management business in Dubai:

What Business Activities You Will be Doing

For the information of entrepreneurs and foreign investors, there are many event management businesses in UAE. To learn the details of starting your business, complete your business model and plan.

Select an Appropriate Location

Choose the appropriate jurisdiction and agency for your event business. Land authorities and free zones have their own rules and permitted activities. It is one of the essential points you must keep in mind when starting a new business in Dubai or any other place in the UAE.

  • Managing of Events
  • Organizing Accessories and Materials
  • Trading activities
  •  Training activities

Preparation of Required Documents

Prepare related documents. As with any business formation process, you must prepare the correct documents to make the registration process efficient and fast. The things you require include:

  • Complete business set up the application
  • For a corporate shareholder, you will need an MOA
  • If a UAE resident has Emirates ID, for the businessperson`s copy of visa and passport
  • Applicant NOC

Application and Fee Submission

You will have to submit your business setup application along with the required fees, which are required for such type of business setup in Dubai. Make sure you confirm the required third-party approvals first before completing your application to avoid penalties. 

Opening of a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai

You will need to open a corporate bank account in any of the banks in Dubai. This will help you manage your cash transactions with ease.

Make Your Online Branding and Presence

Create your online presence and branding. Almost all of your potential customers rely on the internet to find the type of service you offer. With the help of an established online presence and convincing branding, you gain access to a wide range of customers, each of which offers the opportunity to increase and expand your company`s market presence significantly.

Building of Your Business Allies Network

You will need to build a solid network of business allies to successfully run your event management business in Dubai. Get in touch with local companies to know the resources you require for your business.

Why Choose Us for Event Management Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai may have one of the most straightforward incorporation procedures in the UAE. Still, the variety of options can overwhelm many investors. Here a local business setup consultant comes into play.

MAD Middle East, one of Dubai`s leading business consulting firms, can help you with this. Our team comprises well-resourced and diverse professionals who can help you incorporate your business in the UAE.