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Offshore Company Formation in UAE

Stress-free, Economical, and Tax-free Offshore Business Setup in the UAE

What is an Offshore Company?

Offshore companies can be owned by individuals or legal entities and are business units that do not have significant business activities in their home country. Offshore companies, also known as foreign companies, cannot occupy office space in the UAE. Such companies are established under the laws of tax jurisdiction to improve the management of their wealth and legally reduce all types of tax payments.

There are several reasons why offshore company incorporation in the UAE. The main reason is complete financial secrecy and increased prosperity without interruption. Also, offshore companies have the option to reduce or eliminate various types of tax payments such as capital gains, death duty, value-added tax (VAT), corporate profits, real estate sales, and many more.

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Why Choose an Offshore Company in UAE?

By starting an offshore company in UAE, you can profitably conduct business and own 100% of assets in UAE. Also, when starting a business, you can avoid certain procedures in business setup and take advantage of favourable tax advantages. Here are some reasons that show why to opt for an offshore company formation in the UAE:


The businesses can be structured in such a way that profits are realized in a way that minimizes their total tax liability.

International Trade

An offshore company would be a great choice for those who wish to do international business in addition to other investments.

Property Transfer

When the owner sells his property; the authority can ask for a certain percentage of its value. This transfer fee can easily be avoided by selling it to the company itself.

Multiple Investors

Some real estate developers in the world allow more than one property owner. However, in the case of an offshore company in the UAE, the number of shareholders can range from 1 to 50 and the company owns the property.

Economic Stability

There is a sophisticated banking system, the latest telecommunications equipment, a flexible legal system, and simple requirements for accepting and applying for offshore companies.

Bank Account

Many international and local banks in the UAE offer offshore company bank accounts.

Offshore Company Formation in the UAE

In terms of number of directors, minimum share capital required, number of shareholders, etc., there are different rules and requirements for offshore jurisdictions which differ by location. Some provisions define permitted or restricted activity for offshore companies, permitted names, permitted suffixes ("Ltd.", "Inc.", etc.). These are some of the many things we consider when registering a UAE offshore company for our clients.

All business benefits such as tax exemption, no minimum capital required, and other benefits are provided at any offshore location in the UAE.

Why MAD Middle East for Offshore Business Setup in UAE?

Offshore company formation is great for doing international business because international law governs offshore companies and they are not subject to local regulations which ensure their assets are fully protected through tax-free and non-tax returns. Therefore, at MAD Middle East, we offer our international customers the option of choosing an offshore company based in the United Arab Emirates.

We are a registered company authorized to assist offshore companies for global entrepreneurs established in Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Ajman. Our business consultant team excels at minimizing corporate taxes, protecting assets and limiting liabilities for our clients, and handling the entire process of incorporation of the company from start to finish. We provide strategic business information, process formal legal documents, and provide modern facilities at affordable prices for your seamless business growth in the UAE.

Offshore Regions in the UAE Where We Help Business Setups

Offshore companies in the UAE are a tax haven like no other! Another great benefit of starting an offshore company in the UAE is that you can keep 100% of your profits, own only the company and maintain trade secrets completely. The best regions for starting an offshore business are listed below:

Dubai Offshore Company Formation

For offshore company formations, Dubai is one of the best-protected tax-havens. No public register of shareholders and directors is maintained when registering an offshore company in Dubai. We can help you register an offshore company in Dubai in no time! You also have easy access to global businesses outside the UAE.

Offshore Company Formation in Jebel Ali

MAD Middle East is a one-stop business setup service provider that includes your Jebel Ali (JAFZA) offshore company. We communicate and contact the JAFZA Free Zone Authority so we can quickly track your offshore formation. MAD Middle East also supports renewing your JAFZA license and offers timely PRO services.

Ajman Offshore Company Setup

Get in touch with MAD Middle East to get your offshore company listed in the Ajman Free Zone in two days! We are a service provider for offshore companies in Ajman. We will get your registration certificate, regulatory approval and help you open a bank account. We also offer business setup packages and provide you with legal advice.

RAK Offshore Business Setup

We offer comprehensive assistance in registering an offshore company in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK). We get you the registration certificates and other government approvals so you can easily set up an offshore company in RAK. Our RAK offshore packages make it affordable. Contact us for more information on starting an offshore company.

In case you have any question about company formation or business setup in UAE offshore regions, don't hesitate to have a word with our specialists. Get in touch with us today-we'd be happy to help. Call us on +971 4286 7999 or WhatsApp us on +971 5499 84844 or send us an email at contact@madme.ae.

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