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Corporate Bank Account Opening Services in UAE

UAE Offshore Bank Account Opening Services

The financial world has gotten more complicated in the previous few years. It is very hard to open an offshore bank account these days. Banks everywhere in the world carried out new guidelines of consistency and due tirelessness records keeping and limiting the risks. Corporate banking has become a genuine challenge. Is there any exit plan? Unquestionably yes. However, as long as there are worldwide business and demand for offshore bank accounts, the solutions will be there.

Offshore Company Bank Account in Dubai

Numerous foreign businesses will open Dubai offshore bank account. All UAE banks have appealing facilities for worldwide business: stable rate of the local currency against USD, internet banking, no restrictions on cash bringing home.

Notwithstanding, if you need to open a UAE offshore bank account, we here at MAD Middle East would recommend opening a UAE business for it. Why we don't prescribe to apply for an offshore bank account in Dubai for your foreign company?

  • Banks will carry out more check-ups of your business and company - it will end up in a waste of time and conceivable dismissal of the account. Bank accounts of global companies are considered as a "high risk" category by UAE banks.
  • You should legitimize all incorporation documents of your foreign business in the UAE embassy in the nation of origin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Dubai - this methodology is very costly. It costs around 800 USD to make full legalization of just 1 document. You will require around 5 of them.
  • The successful proportion of opening a UAE bank account for a foreign entity is for the most part low. Banks don't want to face the challenges.

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How to Open Offshore Bank Account in Dubai

The most ideal approach to do it is business setup in UAE. Bank account opening for this situation will be simpler, quicker and less expensive. Offshore company formation in UAE is the least expensive method of business setup in Dubai. On the off chance that you open a RAK offshore company, you will want to apply for the account to the accompanying local banks:

  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • Mashreq Bank
  • NOOR Bank
  • RAK Bank

If you opt for a business setup in UAE free zones, banking options will even be much bigger:

  • NOOR bank
  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • ADIB 
  • Emirates NBD
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank
  • Mashreq bank

UAE Mainland company is the quickest in terms of bank account opening, however more costly in yearly upkeep and requires a resident as a sponsor with 51% of shares or service specialist with 0% of shares.

Documents Required for Offshore Bank Account in UAE

On the off chance that you registered a UAE business and planning for a bank account application, we prescribe to apply to 2-3 different banks to ensure your account goes through at any rate in 1-2 of them. You need to set up the accompanying documents and details:

  • Personal bank statement - this will show your source of assets
  • If you have another business, set up a corporate statement and proprietorship documents. It is consistently a major in addition to if you have existing business out of UAE
  • Proof of residency - recent utility bill or any document from municipality affirming your address
  • Business description - a short document that will clarify the idea of your business and how you are planning to conduct it
  • Names of potential customers and supplies and the nations where the business will be conducted
  • Estimation of yearly turnover and initial deposit to the account to be opened
  • Personal CV with applicable experience

MAD Middle East team of professional business consultants in Dubai help assess your case and recognize the banks where the account opening for you is destined to be effective.

How Do I Remotely Open an Offshore Bank Account in the UAE?

We intermittently get such demands from clients from everywhere in the world. To put it plainly, it's unrealistic for anybody to open a corporate account in the UAE bank remotely. It doesn't make any difference on the off chance that you open a bank account for an organization registered on the Mainland, or an organization in one of the Free Economic Zones of the UAE or for Offshore, the physical meeting of the founder or director of the company with a banker is required.

In case you have any question about UAE offshore bank account opening or business setup in UAE, don't hesitate to have a word with our specialists. Get in touch with us today-we'd be happy to help. Call us on +971 4 286 7999 or WhatsApp us on +971 5499 84844 or send us an email at contact@madme.ae.

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