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UAE Freelance Visa

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Freelance Visa Services in Dubai

The freelance visa in Dubai is a permit given under the TECOM Group that permits you to function as a self-employed entity and is renewable every year. The freelancer permit is ideal for individuals who are on their spouse’s or parent's visa and just require a permit to work as a freelancer.

In any case, for the individuals who aren't supported by their folks or companion, they can likewise apply for a freelance visa in Dubai, which is a residency license that permits the person to live and work in the emirate and is renewable every three years.

Who Should Apply for the Freelance Permit And/ Or Visa in Dubai?

There are several sectors for which you can get a freelancer eligibility in Dubai:

  • Tech
  • Education
  • Media

On the off chance that you are seeking after callings like acting, screenwriting, reporting, advertising, training, education counsel, client assistance or web development, you are eligible to apply for the freelance visa in Dubai. You can track down a total list of freelance activities that you are allowed to do with this visa on the official site.

If it's not too much trouble, note that the Dubai Internet City will give your freelance permit if you are working in the Tech area, Dubai Media City for the media area and Dubai Knowledge Park for the education area.

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Advantages of Having a Freelance Visa in Dubai

There are a few advantages of having a freelance permit and visa in Dubai. Right off the bat, it permits you the adaptability to work for different organizations. If you intend to work in any of the areas referenced above and don't need a regular place of employment, turning into a freelancer in Dubai could be your best profession move. Having a freelance visa and license in Dubai likewise permits you to fill in as a self-employed entity for organizations across the UAE and permits you admittance to the free zone's business place, too. With the freelance visa in Dubai, you can likewise sponsor relatives to come and live with you in the emirate. Notwithstanding, remember that you can't sponsor employees with your freelance permit and visa.

Documents for Freelancer Permit in Dubai

The documents needed to apply for the freelancer visa in Dubai include:

  • Passport and visa copy (valid for a duration of 8 months)
  • Resume/CV
  • Bank reference letter
  • Recent photograph
  • NOC from your UAE sponsor

Kindly note that if you are applying to the education area, you should submit confirmation of academic qualification, which should be guaranteed either by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Consulate in your nation of source. Similarly, on the off chance that you are applying in the media area, you should submit a portfolio or sample of your work.

If you are applying in the training or tech area, you can pick one activity while applying for the permit. MAD Middle East team of professional business consultants will guide you through the visa process in a hassle-free manner.

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