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Food Product Registration in UAE

Food Product Registration in UAE

Dubai has become the worldwide centre of trade in the Middle East, particularly concerning the trading of food with considerable amounts imported and sent out through its ports every year. A high volume of trade couldn't be controlled without setting up legitimate food control strategies upheld by an active, productive and compelling food control authority. This authority targets ensuring the security and quality of imported and re-exported food while guaranteeing basic and prompt procedures and transactions to work with the food trade.

What is The Food Product Registration?

Food Product Registration is a cycle to submit data about items in the Dubai Municipality online portal utilizing item unique bar code. The Dubai Municipality check the item label ought to be according to the rule issued by DM. It likewise checks the elements of a food item and can be requested for lab testing to confirm the quality and safety of purchasers.

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Food Product Registration in UAE

According to the rules and guidelines of Dubai, for each import or re-export of any food product, item registration is compulsory. The enrolment technique is regularized by the Dubai Municipality (DM) through its ZAD portal. By this system of product registration, the public authority of Dubai guarantees that all items entering the UAE market are of great quality and safe for import and re-export.

Documents Required For Food Product Registration

Below are the documents that are required by the company for food product registration:

  • The declaration of conformity
  • Approved halal certificate issued by any Islamic Organisation
  • Attested free sale certificate from the country of origin as well as from UAE
  • Label image
  • Ingredients list
  • Barcode details
  • Artwork of the product
  • Additives (if any)
  • Micro-biological report (if possible)

Label Requirements of the Food Product

The label requirements of the item are essential. It is imperative to have an item on the packaging of the food. The label ought to be in Arabic. Even though it is permitted to have it in English also. The contents of different languages on the product label ought to be comparable. The label requirement on the food item incorporates country of origin, assembling and expiry dates, guidelines to utilize and so forth. The rest of the prerequisites for the label of an item are discussed below in detail:

  • Net weight and volume of the product
  • Name of manufacturer or distributor of the product
  • Storage conditions of the product
  • Country of origin of the product
  • Any nutritional benefits in the product
  • Any hypersensitivity for allergic people
  • The barcode of the product
  • The brand name of the product
  • The product name
  • Food ingredients mentioned (with weight and volume)
  • Production date should be mentioned
  • The expiration date
  • The lot number of the product

Reasons for Banning of the Product

On the off chance that a product of your organization is getting dismissed by the authorities of the United Arab Emirates then there could be various purposes behind it. The reasons behind the banning of a specific item are discussed below:

  • Unimproved items by the Ministry of Health are banned
  • Ingredients mentioned in another language rather than Arabic or English
  • Ingredients with inappropriate pictures
  • Ingredients such as poppy seeds and alcohols are banned
  • Difficult to read the label information mentioned in the product
  • Duplicate barcode information in ZAD and FIRS

There may be numerous other reasons for product banning by the Dubai Municipality of the UAE.

Why MAD Middle for Food Product Registration

On the off chance that you are searching for food product registration in Dubai; Our Products Registration Team will help you in the complete procedure and getting ready required documentation. Our team will take control over the total interaction from beginning to end; our executive may request a few reports from the producer and label according to authority details. Accordingly, we guarantee you that we will give you a problem-free experience with food product registration. We have a proven track record in Products Registration in Dubai Municipality.

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